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Kirkus Reviews - Get it!

"A well-written, conceptually agile adventure with a memorable ending."

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"An original, strange, and beautifully written space odyssey." -

Reedsy Review

"Loved it!" 😍

"Captivating, suspenseful and surprising; with eloquent prose that brings to life a fantastical world of human and machine.

A fantastic multi-dimensional story that utilizes science, technology, futuristic theories, and a powerful Sense to provide a riveting story with strong characters and plot."


"For those that enjoy classics like Blade Runner, Avatar, and Stargate will certainly be captivated by this book." - Sharlene Almond, author of the Annabella Cordova series.

For full review click the link at Reedsy Reviews

Readers of hard SF and space operas will each

find something to draw them in. - The prairies book reviews

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