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Estvander pens an epic-scale space adventure about a group of hybrid siblings struggling to protect the future of the human race while coming to terms with their true identity. Inklebrawt Winklehank, a Huply, a hybrid of the biologically engineered immortal Plythi’i race and a human, who possesses both the logic and enhanced psychokinetic abilities of the Plythi’i and the forceful emotions of humanity, has always struggled to balance his Plythi’i powers with his intense human temperament. But in the face of the looming threat from the sinister Shepherd and the mysterious Tsr’Yyd, he must locate his long-separated Plythi’i siblings and form a team to protect humanity from ultimate destruction. The plotting is complex, and the narrative focuses on the Plythi’i siblings struggle to come to terms with their true destiny and their fight with the malevolent Shepherds and the enigmatic Tsr’Yyd. Estvander pits good against evil, with the religions of Huply and those of the other extraterrestrial beings battling for survival. And though the narrative spans lifetimes and crosses galaxies, Estvander never loses momentum or tension. Despite the novels’ epic scale, he has sketched intensely humane characters whom the reader will find it easy to like and root for. An original, strange, and beautifully written space odyssey. -

I really enjoyed reading this book! I was so immersed in it that it was hard to put down. The imagination combined with technical science and concepts is fantastic - it’s a sci-fi thriller! The foreshadowing and "easter eggs" throughout the book are such great additions too - really makes you think throughout. Loved it and can’t wait for more! - Maureen

Loved it! 😍

Captivating, suspenseful and surprising; with eloquent prose that brings to life a fantastical world of human and machine.

A fantastic multi-dimensional story that utilizes science, technology, futuristic theories, and a powerful Sense to provide a riveting story with strong characters and plot.


For those that enjoy classics like Blade Runner, Avatar, and Stargate will certainly be captivated by this book. - Sharlene Almond, author of the Annabella Cordova series.

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In this thrilling space opera by Estvander, an alien race with access to powerful technology threatens the future of humanity. Inklebrawt Winklehank, a Huply, a hybrid of the biologically engineered immortal Plythi’i race and a human, has always struggled to choose between his enhanced Plythi’i abilities and the wild human emotions and temperament. Maggie Henderson, a scientist working at MIT, struggles to keep her own powers hidden. David Wessel is an elite sniper stationed in Afghanistan, who is forced to pick whom to protect after a face-off with an unusually dangerous enemy. Nicola Helyn is a runaway mobster trying to forget his tortured past. Connected by fate, the four must team up if they want to safeguard the future of the human race. Descriptions of Inklebrawt’s logic and enhanced Plythi’i psychokinetic abilities are rooted in scientific intrigue. Similarly, Maggie, Nicola, and David’s powers of observation and deduction have the inevitable extraterritorial quality, giving the novel its hard SF tone. The enmity between the Plythi’i’ and the Shepherds drives the narrative. The mystery of the enigmatic Tsr’Yyd solidifies the lineup of the heroes’ allies and opponents. The narrative moves at a measured pace, with plenty of action and tension keeping the pages turning. The book’s biggest strength is the complexity of its main characters. Inklebrawt is a natural protector, equally comfortable protecting his sister from the goons and safeguarding the future of the human race from the Shepherds. His constant struggle with his intense human emotions in the face of what his logical mind knows about his otherworldly enemies makes him an authentic and believable protagonist. Maggie is sensitive and vulnerable but her strength supports Ink in the only way she can. David, Nicola, Zayla, and Utyi are equally compelling. While the resolution may seem too neat for some, Estvander brings new dimensions to his Huply characters—who possess both the sense and heightened psychokinetic abilities of the Plythi’i and the human temperament—weaving emotional depth and intergalactic political issues into the plot. He immerses readers in sprawling mountain plateaus and vast swaths of space travel. The narrative alternates between the present and the past timelines, unraveling the characters' backstories. As the story progresses forward, several subplots merge together to tie up all the loose ends, forming a logical whole. Throughout, Estvander delves into themes of family, sibling love, friendship, integrity, duty, responsibility, regret, and redemption. Readers of hard SF and space operas will each find something to draw them in. - The prairies book reviews

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