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Ink Wells

Literary Portfolio and Biography

I have a background in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology and I love to write! Some of my interests include, history, archeology, physics, music, art. I grew up with and play Dungeons and Dragons, and like World of Warcraft, and the Xcom series and my favorite - Civilization (I - VII). I really to just go places and observe (travel). I find being at places, it is better than reading it in a book or seeing it in a movie or tv show, like animal planet, or discovery for example. I like to laugh! But who doesn't.

My next book is tentatively titled Sounding Loud. It is based on a timed period of late 1800s in an England like country but not on this Earth. It follows Eliott's trials and discoveries of reality through his physical malformities thus defining an entirely different view of the world that surrounds him compared to everyone else. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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